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Queen Unplugged Project

Queen Unplugged Project

In 2002, Csaba Berczelly (bass, vocals) and Gergely Mészáros (guitar) found each other over the internet, to form a group and play Queen covers. Csaba had been playing in various bands for 15 years and appeared on 6 albums, but he always wanted, if only as a hobby, to stage his favourite Queen songs. Gergõ had also been a devoted Queen fan since his childhood, so they started looking for other fanatics. This is how they met Laci Tollár (percussions, vocals), a real Roger maniac. For a while it was the three of them rehearsing, without a lead singer, but the need was constantly there to perform the songs, so they started looking for a singer. Tibi Tóth, Laci’s old time friend and also a Queen fan, was a singer for over 10 years and seemed a great choice, and the band was complete with him.

The problem came when playing the songs in their original versions.. why should they play them the way Queen did, when no one can do that better than them? And there are many tribute bands too... should they stick to playing Queen as a hobby? For a while, that seemed to be the way. But soon, Laci opened a small rock club, with live music, but because space was limited, bands could only play nicely and quietly, unplugged... and that was it, the answer for the band’s question: why not try and play Queen songs unplugged?

And it has been like that ever since. In only a couple of months, interest towards the band multiplied, many concert invitations followed and the performance became better and better....

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