Status Andreas Voigts’ Queen Collector’s Discography

Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Queen - Her Majesty’s Secret Service
The complete Queen Bootleg-Discography in full colour
Andreas Voigts

Finally I did it for you all the collectors who asked for a full colour version of my discography. It is finished in a completely restored version.

Was can you expect?

  • More than 240 binded large format pages, all in full colour.
  • Almost 1.000 bootlegs (Vinyl, factory made CD’s, factory made "professional (*)" CDr’s) incl. Solo-Bootlegs and a selection of the most important Queen-related bootlegs.
  • Every item with scan of front- and back-cover (in most cases also prints of CD’s or labels)
  • Exact track-listing and exact venues of every included song
  • Sound-quality, other releases of the concert
  • Catalogue-number, country/year of release, remarks, collector’s value, and so on
  • As a bonus (1): Listing of every Queen-concert and its availability on bootlegs
  • As a bonus (2): Systematic listing of important Bootleg-labels

(*) Professional CDr’s have an offset printed sleeve and are professionally distributed. No "homemade CDr’s" included

Pictures always tell more than words. Please have a look at the example pages.


How to order

The book costs 48 EUR (or 32 UK-pounds) (sorry about the high costs, but it costs me so much to print out everything) plus 7 EUR (or 3 UK-pounds) for postage.
Order is only possible if you send me money cash in well closed letter. Don’t forget to write you address clearly!
No cheques!

Write to:

Andreas Voigts
Bahnhofstrasse 38 A
31628 Landesbergen

If you live inside the EU you can also transfer the money from you bank-account. Don’t forget to send an E-Mail (parallel) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) including your full adress. Please send money to

Andreas Voigts
IBAN: DE 94256625400022423500

I deliver as soon as possible. But please note that every book is seperately printed out in superior quality on a colour laser-printer (no copies!) of the newest generation. This may last a few days, but you always get the newest version (doesn’t matter which time you order).

Keep Yourself Alive
Andreas Voigts