Queen: so rockten die Champions in Prag

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Queen: so rockten die Champions in Prag

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Hier ein Bericht von Thomas Zeidler über das Prag Konzert von Queen + Adam Lambert mit Setlist und Fotos unter Queen: so rockten die Champions in Prag.
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Re: Queen: so rockten die Champions in Prag

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Kommentar von Peter Freestone zum Prag Konzert

Ok, I know I risk losing some facebook friends and starting a verbal war, but last night I saw Q+AL for the second time in as many weeks and was really happy to have been there. Last night I was surrounded by 16,499 friends, fans and strangers who nearly lifted the roof off the O2 Arena here in Prague. I know Freddie is not on the stage, please believe me, I know, but I witnessed a great show. Queen, for me, were always about the show, and they are really producing the goods. And I for one, am so happy to see the smiles on the faces of Brian and Roger. Every opera has always been created around a specific person's voice. If the music stopped when that person couldn't perform any more, the opera scene today would look very bare. Surely it is the same for any good music, it is there to be interpreted so that the music can go on. Adam Lambert gives a valid and very good interpretation of Queen music, never trying to imitate, just giving his all for the music of QUEEN. p.s. I will not be getting involved in any discussions on this post, I've seen what happens on other pages
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