Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982

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Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982

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VÖ September 2020

Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982

Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982

Hier die offizielle Pressinfo, die uns freundlicher Weise von Gary Taylor in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. Vielen Dank!:

Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982 - Header

"I am very proud to reveal the book I have been working on for the last year - 'Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982'.

This 138 page, soft-back, A4 size book is now available to purchase directly from myself, and chronicles Queen's 'Hot Space' tour from April to June in 1982.

From 1970 to 1986, Queen spent much of their career on stage, playing live to thousands of fans all across the world. From England to Japan, Brazil to Germany and everywhere else in between, John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, entertained people of all race and ages with their unique brand of rock music.

This book concentrates solely on their tour of Europe and the UK where they played 30 concerts in 10 different countries. Here is their complete live performance history, listing every concert and known set list, including the band's on-stage repartee, recollections from fans, press reviews, support bands, travel arrangements, TV appearances, radio interviews, on-tour interviews, promotional visits, parties, photo sessions, musical equipment used and interspersed with quotes from band members and employees who were around at the time. For the first time, details of the band's stage costumes have also been gathered, as well as in depth information on their stage production and lighting rig, and accompanied by many unseen and unpublished photos. In addition to this, there are details of what shows have been bootlegged over the years, not just on audio, but filmed on video from audience members who were lucky enough to be present at a particular concert.
The whole concept of this book is to describe how the band were live on stage at the time from a fans viewpoint, with their experiences at their chosen shows, with corresponding photos, tickets, adverts, and a selection of reviews from newspapers. Both the fans and press describe in detail of how the concerts were perceived at the time and not always favourably, especially by the press, and this is how the story is told, through their eyes and ears.

Queen's music is as popular now as it has ever been. The band still perform live, are constantly played on the airwaves, still sell albums and be presented with gold and platinum awards, receive accolades from the music industry and fellow performers constantly and they continue to top 'best of' charts around the world. If you saw the band live in the flesh, or you have just seen them on your TV screen, or maybe you've recently watched Live Aid, then you know what an exciting and visually compelling band they were. Be it in a small theatre or huge stadium, Queen dominated the live domain and were by far the very best at what they did. Now join the journey as we follow Queen touring Europe and the UK in 1982."

Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982 - Promo

The books cost £15 and here are the shipping rates. Paypal payment in £ (Friends/Family Option) to garytaylortqy@aol.com

or via www.facebook.com/theeuropeananduktour1982

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Re: Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982

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Habe ich bestellt, erhalten und für (außerordentlich) gut befunden. Es gab vor einiger Zeit schon ein anderes Buch von Gary Taylor... "Queen Touring America" erschien im vergangenen Jahr und leider habe ich es verpasst. Wer da eventuell eine Quelle hätte, möge es mich bitte wissen lassen.
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Re: Queen: The European And UK Tour 1982

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Ich habe das Buch heute erhalten und bin fasziniert von der Liebe zum Detail. So viele Fakten liebevoll zusammengetragen, das macht einfach Spaß. Ich würde mir wünschen, es gäbe zu jeder Tour von Queen ein solches Buch.

Nur zu empfehlen :!: :!: :!:
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