Im Jahr 2011 wird es eine Neuauflage des Buches "Queen Live: A Concert Documentary" geben. Das ursprüngliche Buch wurde von Greg Brooks verfasst. Die Neuauflage wird in Zusammenarbeit mit Gary Taylor entstehen.

In diesem Buch sollen neben vielen neuen und korrigierten Informationen eine Menge Fotos von Queen auf und hinter der Bühne erscheinen und hier benötigen die beiden Deine Hilfe.

Wenn Du selbstgemachte Fotos von Queen auf Tour hast, vielleicht auch mit Dir, dann schicke sie doch an Gary und vielleicht wird Dein Foto dann in dem Buch erscheinen, natürlich mit Nennung Deines Namens als Fotograph.

Hier der komplette Aufruf in der englischen Originalfassung:

Queen Live: A Concert Documentary by Greg Brooks and Gary Taylor.
In 2011 a completely revised third edition of the book 'Queen Live: A Concert Documentary' will be issued. The book is the work of Greg Brooks, as you know, but this time with the help of Queen expert Gary Taylor. We have been working together on every aspect of the book, and I have contributed some stuff that did not appear before. With GB's blessing I have covered quite a bit of new ground, and also researched certain things that GB wanted to include in the first edition but couldn't, because the info wasn't available or reliable enough then.
This new work is a VERY different edition to everything that's gone before. Anything in error has been corrected, lots of changes, news photos and memorabilia, has lots of new data - generally much information added to make this the most comprehensive and complete story of Queen in the live domain ever published. From the clubs in 1970 to the last ever concert with Freddie at Knebworth Park in 1986, this new edition will include more information than ever before.
More set lists have been added and the Queen archive has been scrutinised to detail not only the band's on-stage banter at certain points of the show, but also to differentiate what was said and played at multiple nights at the same venue, like the Rainbow in 1974, Paris in 1979 and Rio in 1985.
For a band that spent a lot of time and effort to dress for the occasion and make their shows the most spectacular, for the first time details of the band's, especially Freddie's, stage costumes have been gathered as well as information on their stage production and lighting rigs.
In addition to the original book, we will add more memorabilia, singles, albums, posters, concert nostalgia, and video releases, reviews, support bands, TV appearances and Documentaries, musical equipment used and a complete Live discography have also been included in detail as well as more quotes from band members and people who were around at the time. Also detailed are what shows have been bootlegged over the years, not just on audio, but filmed on video from audience members who were lucky enough to be present at a particular concert, who also had the foresight to smuggle in their 8mm camera in order to capture rare footage for the rest of us to enjoy.
So that leaves us with some help from you guys. We are looking to include in this new and much expanded edition as many photos of the band on stage that you (the fans) have taken over the years. Or you can include photos of yourselves backstage with a band member. It can be the whole group or an individual photo taken at any concert from throughout their career. We would like any detail you can remember too, the venue, date, correct year etc and we will give your photo and name a credit in the book.
We have seen many photos over the years from various websites especially, but would really like you to come forward and donate anything you have rather than us include a photo without a credit or have to chase around asking for permission to use a particular photo.

You can send any comments and photos to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!