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Bohemian Rhapsody


The Bohemian Rhapsody are an italian Queen Tribute Band and they was born in Sicily

Six years ago, is composed by five members named

Fabrizio Vassallo (voice),

Pietro Venza (guitar),

Carlo Pica (drums)

Giuseppe Gervasi (keyboards)

Andrea Floreno (bass)

Their passion for the Queen sound and for Freddie Mercury’s voice allows them to work in most city of the sicily and now they have more projects for the future.

When the band was born their objective was sing for arrive at the heart of more people and mostly arrive to peaple who can't know what the biggest voice of Freddie Mercury mean for many Queen fans.

The original desire wind up their works, infact now they are in the studios for studing the arrangements of others Queen songs. I hope that their passion can bring them so far away, because the passions needed the wings, and the wings are in each of us.




Bohemian Rhapsody: We Are The Champions / Bohemian Rhapsody / I Want To Break Free / Don't Stop Me Now

Bohemian Rhapsody: Innuendo

Bohemian Rhapsody: Who Wants To Live Forever

Bohemian Rhapsody: Somebody To Love

Bohemian Rhapsody: We Are The Champions

Datum Titel Ort Stadt Kategorie
02.08.2013 Circolo Canottieri Marsala Bohemian Rhapsody
15.06.2013 La Pagoda Calatafimi - Segesta Bohemian Rhapsody
08.06.2013 Pepper Jam San Vito Lo Capo Bohemian Rhapsody
25.05.2013 La Cozza Ubriaca Trapani Bohemian Rhapsody
30.04.2013 Viale delle Sirene Trapani Bohemian Rhapsody
19.01.2013 Ass.Cult.Black & White Salaparuta Bohemian Rhapsody
18.01.2013 Old Fashion Pub Licata Bohemian Rhapsody
29.11.2012 - 30.11.2012
22:30 h - 01:30 h
Alter Ego Pub Alcamo Bohemian Rhapsody
24.11.2012 - 25.11.2012
21:30 h - 02:00 h
Chakra Lounge Catania Bohemian Rhapsody
25.08.2012 - 26.08.2012
22:30 h - 00:45 h
Spiazzale Centro Soziale Levanzo Levanzo Bohemian Rhapsody
17.08.2012 Old Fashion Pub Licata Bohemian Rhapsody
03.08.2012 Palazzo Cavarretta Trapani Bohemian Rhapsody
27.07.2012 Piazza Giovanni Falcone Buseto Palizzolo Bohemian Rhapsody
26.07.2012 Gelateria Garibaldi Castellammare del Golfo Bohemian Rhapsody
30.06.2012 Pub 51 Lercara Friddi Bohemian Rhapsody
20.06.2012 Sistema delle Piazze Castelvetrano Bohemian Rhapsody
02.06.2012 Piazza San Sebastiano Melilli Bohemian Rhapsody
18.05.2012 Leto San Giovanni Gemini Bohemian Rhapsody
30.04.2012 349 Catania Bohemian Rhapsody
30.03.2012 - 31.03.2012
22:00 h - 01:30 h
Leto San Giovanni Gemini Bohemian Rhapsody
10.03.2012 - 11.03.2012
23:30 h - 03:00 h
Lo Stagno Salaparuta Bohemian Rhapsody
02.03.2012 - 03.03.2012
22:30 h - 03:00 h
La Loggia Nera Messina Bohemian Rhapsody
25.02.2012 Carpe Vitam Partinico Bohemian Rhapsody
03.02.2012 Zoe Club Troina Bohemian Rhapsody