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Vaicanto Festival - Queenvention "Three + One"

Vaicanto Festival - Queenvention "Three + One"
06.08.2021 - 15.08.2021
Zadar - Zadar
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Vaicanto Festival - Queenvention "Three + One"


The VAICANTO boutique festival is being held for the second time because last year festival were canceled because of COVID-19 pandemia.
The festival is taking place in the old part of city of Zadar town on several prestigious locations such as 2000 years old Roman Forum, the Rector's Palace, Zadar waterfront and newly renovated walls and several different facilities all around the city.
The concept of the festival is to create thematic gatherings dedicated to world musicians from pop cultures of 80’s with emphasis on band Queen
Second year of the festival, titled "Queenvention Three + One" is dedicated to the creation of the band Queen, character and legacy of Freddie Mercury, and at the same time anniversary 50 years since the founding of Queen band and 30 year since Freddie Mercury's death

Program events…
An photo exhibition by one of the world's most famous rock 'n' roll photographers Brian Rasic in cooperation with the National Museum of Zadar, will be staged inside the Prince's Palace and a part of the exhibition which will be installed on newly decorated walls.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by "Daily menu with Freddie" program in cooperation with the renowned restaurants in Zadar, where the Freddie Mercury's home menu dishes will be on menu.

W8 Freddie's Food Festival at the same time the gastronomic festival will take place with the same theme (the name W8 is the street
label where Freddie Mercury's house is located, Garden Lodge) and carefully selected meals and drinks identical to those Freddie Mercury used for his parties or gatherings.

The central event is an open air concert at the Zadar Forum, featuring the best European tribute to Queen band, "Queen Real Tribute" with
an enlarged band and guests. orchestra and choir

Queen boat trip: O ne day theme boat trip with music form 70-80's special DJ and Freddie's lunch, in the Zadar aquatorium

One of the world's most famous rock 'n' roll photographers, an official photographer of the Rolling Stones
The archive contains photographs that in many ways represent a 'small history of music'. From Muddy waters and Chuck Berry to less more of all leading pop music bands as well as solo performers, all the way to Frank Sinatra. From Dolly Parton in countryside, Metallica in heavy metal or Blondie, Queenm George Michael, they all found themselves in front of Brian's lense
He has been photographing Rolling Stones concerts since the early1980 s and is their official photographer.
He is also proud of his collaboration with Keith Richards during the promotion of his autobiography "Life".
David Bowie hired him personally for his last shows, and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) for the promotion and concerts of the album "On the Island".
The respectable English daily news "The Guardian" listed one rare photo of Amy Winehouse among the best photographs in 2011

A member of the legendary band Whitesnake he is a music guest this year's Vaicanto Queenvention
It is enough to mention the songs "Here I Go Again" (number 1 of Billboard's top 100 scale in 1987), "Fool For Your Loving Tonight" and one of the most beautiful love ballads "Is This A Love" that has been a long time on the top of the Billboard scale and cannot be overlooked by the distinctive
David Coverdale, who founded the band after leaving Deep Purple.

One of the last projects Michele Luppi participated as vocal was the song "Human Touch", in colaboration with "Queen Real Tribute" band and many international musicians.
T he song is a sort of anthem dedicated to the global fight against Covid-19 viruses, which is the main cause of the cancellation of the "Flesh and Blood World tour" by the band Whitesnake

W8 Street food festival
inspired by Freddie Mercury's personal menu described in book Freddie Mercury's Royal Recipes by Peter Freestone
He liked water Evian, champagne Crystal, Astel beer..but we will get to your gastro heart with food that you have never tried before at beautiful place called "Zadarska riva" a place with one of the most beautiful sunset in the World by the words of Alfred Hitchcock but also many other

Die Infos sind der Präsentation des Veranstalters entnommen.

Video mit Ausschnitten aus 2019




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